Large Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven


  • Includes base and wheels
  • Weighs 130kg
  • Reaches 350°C in 10 minutes
  • Fire brick floor
  • Free delivery to mainland UK

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£ 789.00 tax incl.

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The most essential piece of outdoor cooking, this stainless steel wood-fired outdoor oven is lightweight, fast to heat and looks great in any garden or outdoor space.

The large thermal dome is constructed from robust stainless steel and features a stone brick surface on which to cook food. Internally there is room for four pizzas at once, making it easy to feed the whole family or small gathering in no time at all. The oven is a real crowd pleaser and great for the host who does not want to spend hours over a traditional barbecue, the oven itself takes just 10 minutes to reach a temperature of 350°C!

The wood-fired outdoor oven can make many different bread-based products, such as muffins, focaccia, brushetta and sourdough loaves. You can even roast a joint of meat and cook all the trimings!

The entire oven weighs just 130kg, making it easy for anyone to use and transport. It comes with a built-in temperature gauge so you will know when the oven is ready to start cooking.

The wood-fired outdoor oven offers excellent value for money and superb performance. Durable, fast to heat and versatile, a wood-fired outdoor oven is fast becoming the only outdoor garden appliance worth having.